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Practical Policies for all New Zealanders

UnitedFuture is currently reviewing all our policies and they will be published here as they are announced. If you have any ideas that fit with our philosophy of intergity, respect, community, equality or to be involved in this policy review please contact us. For our contact details please click here.

Our policies are a set of directions that we believe will provide a context in which New Zealanders, their families, and their communities can thrive. They are a practical outworking of our principles.


Our policies are never developed simply to gain public press. Instead, the focus of our policies are always to create real, tangible differences for people in their everyday lives.

Any reproduction of any policy in these pages is required to include the following authorisation statement:
"Authorised by Hon Peter Dunne MP, Leader of UnitedFuture NZ, Parliament Buildings, Wellington"